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For schools abroad

For Schools abroad

At Get Up Idiomas we are constantly looking for, and selecting language schools in different countries with the aim of offering our students the best possible educational experience.

In our collaborating schools we seek both methodological and pedagogical excellence, but also professionalism and strict quality assurance at all levels so that students feel that they have lived a unique and unforgettable experience with:

  • High standard facilities
  • Qualified, experienced and native-level teachers
  • Proven teaching methods
  • Accreditation body guarantees to ensure educational quality standards
  • Complete programs of activities and excursions of interest
  • Quality accommodation services


Our high expectations are founded on many years’ firsthand experience with agencies and companies dedicated to the promotion of language courses abroad. We therefore have a strong knowledge of what we are looking for and of what our clients need.

If you have a school in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, the United States, Malta, Germany or France, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are always open to the idea of new collaborations and partnerships with language schools and on special projects or tailored programs. If you have any enquiries, then please contact us through the following form or by telephone and we will be very happy to talk with you.

You can also visit us whenever you want. We are at:

c / Daniel de Balaciart, 6 Entlo. E - Valencia (Spain)

We will always be happy to attend to you

For schools abroad

Contact with us whenever you want:

c/ Daniel de Balaciart, 6 Enlo. E - Valencia (Spain)

+34 963 27 53 43

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We always attend to you